How to Prevent Leaking Night Cloth Nappies: Tips for Managing Increased Urine Output in Cold Weather

How to Prevent Leaking Night Cloth Nappies: Tips for Managing Increased Urine Output in Cold Weather

As the temperature starts to drop, you might notice your little one’s cloth nappies are getting fuller than usual. It's like they’ve got a personal water fountain going on in there! And of course, with this comes the dreaded leaking night nappies. Trust me, I know the struggle all too well. So, let’s chat about why this happens and how we can tackle it together, using our favorite cloth nappies from Monarch Store.

Why Does Cold Weather = More Pee? Do Babies Pee More When It's Cold?

So, why on earth does cold weather turn our babies into little pee machines? Here’s the lowdown on why babies pee more in colder weather :

  1. More Drinking: The dry winter air can make everyone, including your little one, feel more thirsty... and more drinks mean more trips to Peeville!
  2. Blood Vessel Magic: When it’s cold, our bodies constrict blood vessels to keep warm. This increases blood pressure, which makes the kidneys filter more blood, resulting in more pee.
  3. Less Sweating: With kids being less active and sweating less indoors, all that liquid has to go somewhere—right into the nappy!

Night Nappies: How to Keep Your Little One (and Their Bed) Dry

Leaky night nappies are a real party pooper, but I’ve got some tips that have worked wonders for me and many other parents who love using cloth nappies:

  1. Choose the Right Cloth Nappy:

    • High Absorbency: Choose a nappy that is designed for maximum absorbency (like our Ultimate Nappies). Dedicated night nappies are made like little sponges ready for action and designed to last all night long. Use our absorbency chart to ditch the trial-and-error and nail it from the first go!
    • Proper Fit: Ensure the nappy fits just right around the waist and legs. Sometimes, going up a size or letting out the rise snaps can do the trick. Check out our cloth nappy fit guide for a perfect fit as your baby grows.
  2. Layer Up:

    • Inserts, Inserts and more Inserts: Use extra inserts for added absorbency. Our bamboo and hemp inserts are super absorbent and perfect for nighttime use. Try adding a nap booster during those colder months, or swap your nap booster for a 5-layer insert! Depending on which nappies you have in your stash, we have a configuration guide ready to help!
    • Extra Insurance with No-Leak Bedtime Pants: Using our No-Leak Bedtime Pants (or other covers) over your cloth night nappy can provide an extra barrier against leaks. Our pants are made from super-soft minky so are designed to keep bub extra warm and to stop little leaks from getting through to your sheets!
  3. Pre-Bedtime Routine:

    • Limit Fluids: Cutting back on liquids an hour or two before bed can help reduce those midnight floods.
    • Double Layer: If your baby is a super soaker, an absorbent fitted nappy might be your new best friend. If the usual shells aren't cutting it, keep the inserts as a base layer, then add an absorbent fitted nappy over the top (like our Hybrids!)
      THE SUPREME NIGHT NAPPY (V2 Hybrid Fitted + Insert Set) - Monarch
  4. Check and Change:

    • Preemptive Strikes: If you know your kiddo tends to wet heavily at certain times, consider a preemptive nappy change before you hit the hay. The science people tell us the temperature drops around 2am and 5am so doing a sneaky change before then, or adding extra blankets can be enough to nip it in the bud!
  5. Bedding Protection:

Extra Love and Care

  • Skin Health: With all the extra pee, keep an eye on diaper rash. A good barrier cream can work wonders.
  • Consistency is Key: Stick to a routine. It helps you spot patterns and make the right adjustments.

Here at Monarch, we’ve got your back with a fabulous range of high-quality cloth night nappies, inserts, and accessories to keep your baby dry and comfy. But... it’s all about finding what works best for you and your little one. A bit of patience and trial and error, and those cold weather nights will be cozy and dry in no time.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Night-time Nappy Drama?

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