Please note, when emailing us:

  • Please let us know your order name (especially if it's different to your email name) and your order number
  • If you ordered with a stockist, please reach out to the stockist and they will reach out to us in turn. 


It has been over one week since I ordered and I haven't received a tracking notification yet. 

If you haven't yet received a tracking notification, there may be an issue with your order such as sold-out product. In this case, it is likely we have tried to reach out to you but have not heard back. Please reach out to support@monarchstore.com.au so we can get your parcel on its way!

Some of the outstanding items that may cause your order to be delayed:

    • You have paid for Standard Postage ($12.95) but have requested your order to be shipped to a PO Box / Parcel Locker. 
      • Please note that it is $14.95 to ship to a PO Box / Parcel Locker (as AusPost is more expensive than our general courier service).
      • If your order is over $120 and you qualify for free shipping, and would like your order sent to a PO Box/Parcel Locker, there is an option at check-out to choose the "Discounted AusPost Shipping" for $5.
        • I received a tracking number but there is no tracking information / there is an error
          • If you are checking the tracking within 24 hours of receiving your tracking number, the couriers may not have picked up your parcel and therefore the system has not updated to include your number. Please check again after 24 hours. 

        PICK UPS

        Pick ups can be scheduled at our warehouse in Smeaton Grange, NSW during the week by appointment. 

        Once your order has been packed, you will receive an email allowing you to select a convenient time for you to pick up.

        We are currently operating at a diminished capacity and as such, our warehouse may not always be staffed during usual business trading hours. If you would like to pick up but are not able to make any of the times listed, please reach out to us via email (support@monarchstore.com.au) and we will do our best to facilitate another suitable time. 

        The address for pick-ups is: 

        Monarch Store

        4/18 Exchange Parade

        Smeaton Grange NSW 2567

        (Street and on-site parking is available)


        We accept major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.  We also accept payment via PayPal, Afterpay and Zip*. Please refer to individual third party payment provider websites for applicable fees, terms & conditions.

        *Zip is not available for purchase of Gift Cards or Preorder items.


        What is the Royalty Rewards Program? 

        Collect 1 point for every dollar (excl. GST and shipping) that you spend. You'll need to create an account and login using the same email address each time you place an order. When you sign up for an account, you get 10 points free! 

        • When you reach 350 points, we'll send you a $10 discount code
        • When you reach 500 points, we'll send you a $25 discount code 

        Shop happily, knowing that you'll be rewarded for each dollar that you spend! 

        I didn't know I could collect rewards, can you backdate points that I would've earned on previous orders? 

        Unfortunately our system is automated and we are unable to backdate points from previous orders placed prior to you creating an account. 

        *please note, Royalty Rewards discount codes cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.




        All our products come with a 6-month manufacturer warranty. If there is a fault that affects the function of the product, we will replace / refund you if the fault happens within this time frame.

        • If there is a fault that occurs outside of this time frame, any replacement / discount on a replacement item is at our discretion.
        • If you have purchased second hand and there is a fault with the product, any replacement / discount on a replacement item is at our discretion
        • Please note that all replacements will be sent to the address listed on the original order. If you no longer reside at this address, please make this clear in the initial email to us. If you send a follow-up email letting us know about this and we do not respond to it in time, you will be responsible for covering the postage fee to the new address.

        Cancellations / Change of Orders

        • If you choose to cancel (either partial or entire order), it is subject to a 10% restocking fee to cover our transaction fees that are not refunded to us when we issue refunds to customers.
        • If you request a cancellation or change of your order, we will attempt to arrange this assuming the order is not currently being fulfilled. As the Customer Service and Packing teams are separate, there is often a time delay, and we may not be able to accommodate your request.

        Email Turnaround

        • There is on average a 2-3 business day turnaround on emails, so even if you email immediately after you place an order, it may not be addressed prior to fulfilment.
        • If you choose to send back your unused items, you will be responsible for the postage fee back to us and the items returned will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.
        • Please note that there is a 2-3 business day turnaround period on any communication and 5-7 business days during peak release periods. Please note that if you send the email to the incorrect email address, it will be forwarded to the correct email address where it will go to the bottom of the list, so please check above to make sure you are sending your email to the correct account.
        • Please note that our preferred method of communication is email. You may choose to Direct Message us on Facebook / Instagram, but if the issue is to do with your order / product, we will not be able to help you there. 

        Combining Codes

        • Please note that we do not permit multiple discount codes to be used on the same transaction. Royalty Rewards are considered a discount code, and therefore cannot be combined with any other promotional codes available at the time of purchase.
        • Gift Card codes are viewed as a payment method, and therefore can be combined with one discount code of choice per transaction.

        Communicating With Us

        • Please remember that there are real people sitting behind the screens ready to address and resolve your issues. So just a reminder to be kind and courteous in your interactions. Our Customer Service team are more than happy to go above and beyond for you, but we ask that you be patient and understanding.
        • Please remember that we are a relatively new and small business and we do not have the resources to do things “like big businesses”. We will make mistakes but we always strive to learn from them. We always welcome feedback and are very grateful to those who take the time to provide constructive comments to us directly so that we can work on it going forward.
        • We reserve the right to deny you service and if it appears you are no longer happy with our service / products, we will refund any existing unfulfilled orders and any future orders. 
        • Please remember that we have policies in place that we adhere to for the fairness of all our customers.

        Please keep in mind that we are unable to do the following:

        • Combine your orders and refund your second lot of shipping. Particularly when the prints you have purchased are in demand, we are likely to experience oversells and therefore we pack the orders in the sequence they came in so any refunds on oversells are for later not earlier orders;
        • Refund a discount code that you forgot to use;
        • Refund a discount code because you used a different code instead and did not know you could not stack codes;
        • Change the payment method that you intended to use (you meant to use a Gift Card, but accidentally used PayPal);
        • Refund your order via a different payment method to how you paid for the order;
        • Replace your second-hand item that is faulty (as we do not have control over how the product was advertised or how much was charged);
        • Backdate your Royalty Rewards because you weren’t aware that you had to create an account to start earning points;
        • Find a particular print placement for your item because you would prefer X on the bum;
        • Waive the restocking fee because you did not know you would change your mind;
        • Send you a replacement because the seller who you purchased off said the nappy was “unworn and brand new”.