Let's Talk Sanitary Products, Sustainable Edition!

Let's Talk Sanitary Products, Sustainable Edition!

With the much anticipated release of our Cloth Pads maybe you’ve been wondering what other eco-friendly options there are to help you manage that time of month? Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while and aren’t too sure where to start? Or maybe you’re a veteran reusable owner and some of your products are due for an upgrade!

With so many different options though it can be a little daunting to know where to begin which is why we’ve written this piece! We’ve looked into the Top 3 Most Common Sustainable Sanitary Products on the market to give you a better idea what your options are and how to make the change today. 


Cloth Pads

First up is cloth pads. They’re a fantastic way to dip a toe into the sustainable world without completely changing everything over. 

Why choose Cloth Pads? 


  • Works the same as disposable pads
    • Simply clip around your underwear (as you would stick the disposable nappy wings)
  • No added scents or detergents
    • Did you know that the scents and detergents in disposable pads can lead to an imbalance in the natural bacteria in your body? This can result in yeast infections, dryness and inflammation.
    • With Cloth Pads, you have full control over how your pad is treated and washed, which will protect your body from any unwanted nasties. 


  • Leaking - there’s always the prospect of leaking, though that can happen even with disposables
  • Convenience
    • Instead of simply throwing out a used pad you do need to carry them home with you. However, this can be super easy and discreet if you have one of our mini-mini wet bags

Period Underwear

If you’ve always been a pad user though, and the thought of other alternatives is a little much then the prospect of Period Underwear might be a little easier to think on. 

Why choose Period Underwear? 


  • Just like normal underwear
    • They wash the same way and feel almost identical to your regular undies it’s just that they have extra padding where it’s needed most. 
  • They allow your body the chance to breathe without any of those added chemicals or detergents that we mentioned before. 


  • Full underwear change
    • Whilst Cloth Pads can be easily rinsed and changed over whenever you need, Period Underwear requires a full underwear change, so if you’re out and about (or in stockings) it can be a little tiresome.
    • It also means you need to carry another pair of undies with you instead of just another small pad. 

If absorbent pads or underwear aren’t really your thing though there’s certainly another alternative that works just as well.

Menstrual Cups

Enter the menstrual cup. Now, these can take a little getting used to, and much like their disposable counterparts (tampons) they are very much dependent on personal preference. 

Why choose a Menstrual Cup? 


  • Same principle as a tampon! You insert the cup forming a seal and leave it to catch the blood. 
    • Most of the companies offer fantastic video tutorials on how to fit your cup as well as how to pick the right size and fit for you. 
  • Doesn't remove the fluids your body needs
    • By removing the natural bacteria, fluids and secretions that our body needs, we can find ourselves being left with infections, dryness and even run the risk in some extreme cases of experiencing Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). 
    • Cups however have significantly less of these concerns as they allow your body to maintain and sustain a natural balance throughout your cycle just as it was designed to. 


  • It can get messy
    • Removing the cup can be messy and you do need to dispose of the blood, not just the vessel it’s carried in which can be off putting for some. 
  • Risk of leakage
    • There’s a higher risk of leakage if you aren’t getting the right seal with your cup, though this can be easily fixed by using one of the XS (liner) Cloth Pads to catch any excess that may overflow. By using the two together you can be certain that you’ll be covered without compromising on your internal health. 

We spend so much of our time ensuring that our little ones have the best; the best foods, the best sleep routines, the best nappies, but maybe it’s time for us to do what’s best for our bodies too. We want the greatest future for our children, for our planet, and we want our kids to be able to grow in a better and healthier world, but the journey doesn’t stop at cloth nappies or compost bins. 

Maybe we could start with some trial cloth pads and who knows, it could evolve into a fully sustainable routine and a plastic free home. 

So why wait? Take the plunge! Let us know how you’re going with your sustainable changes and how we can help you become the eco-warrior you’ve always wanted to be.