Caring for Wet Bags, Travel Pods and Wipe-Clean Mats

The following information pertains to Mini Wet Bags, Regular Wet Bags, Mini-Mini Wet Bags, Pocket Wet Bags, The Travel Pod and The Wipe-Clean Mat.

Your new products are made from premium PUL (polyurethane laminate). To maintain the integrity, softness and quality of these products, we recommend the following:

1. Open all zippers before washing to ensure the item gets a good, thorough clean. Tip: if heavily soiled, turn wet bags inside out before washing.

2. Wash in temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius as temperatures above this may cause delamination of the PUL.

3. Use a maximum of 800 spin to minimise stress on the fabric and stitching of your products and to prevent zips and straps getting caught in the machine.

4. For best results line dry in the shade as direct sun exposure may cause fading and delamination of PUL.

5. If using a dryer, use only LOW heat settings as high heat may cause delamination of PUL.