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The Pull-Up is versatile, serving as both daytime training pants and a highly absorbent night nappy. Here's how to use it:

  • Training Pull-Up Pants: 
    • Elastic for easy child use.
    • Built-in absorbent core for minor accidents.
    • No extra inserts needed.
  • Side-snapping Night Nappy:
    • Use with inserts, put on like a side-snapping nappy.
    • Tip for active kids: Snap one side, child steps in, snap the other side while they stand.


    • Versatile: Use as (1) Training Pants or (2) Heavy-Duty Night Nappy.
    • Superior absorbency with 4-layer hemp/cotton trifold.
      • Ultra-thirsty hemp/cotton provides up to 12 layers when folded.
      • Some hemp shrinkage (up to 20%) is normal; stretch it back after washing.
    • Versatile 3-layer bamboo booster for non-bulky "top-up" option.
    • Elasticized waist with thick elastic at tummy and back for comfort.
    • PUL panels at tummy and back prevent leaks and keep baby dry.
    • Pocket nappy with option to stuff inserts or simply lay them on top.
    • Rise snaps and waist snaps for a perfect fit.


        • OSFM (fits 4-17kg)


        • Machine washable at max 60°C (hotter temps harm waterproofing).
        • Inserts can be machine dried or sun-dried.
        • For the outer shell, use low-heat dryer or shade line-drying to extend its lifespan.

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