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This Sleep Package is designed for those looking for some quick guidance on how to get better sleep, and are comfortable to implement the strategies and plan independently. 
Perfect for those with 1-2 straight forward issues, those wanting a sleep schedule mapped out, or those who have previously completed sleep consulting and need to know how to tweak the plan to suit a new or different situation. 


  • 1x 30-minute initial phone consult; and 
  • A comprehensive sleep plan tailored to your little one, including:
    • A custom sleep schedule (outlining optimal Nap and Bed-times);
    • Custom sleep strategies targeting 1-2 specific sleep behaviours and/or issues; and
    • General tips around creating a positive routine, an ideal sleep environment and other best practices.
    • Our approach is very much a GENTLE one. We do not endorse or recommend any form of "cry-it-out" sleep training practices. We are here to support you, as parents, in helping create a routine and strategies that you are comfortable with, and that work for you!


What happens after the purchase is complete? 

After you place an order for your desired Sleep Consulting package, we will reach out to you via email* to (1) schedule your 30-minute phone consult with your Sleep Consultant, Eunica, and (2) send you a Sleep Questionnaire. 

You do not need to complete the Questionnaire prior to your call with Eunica, it is merely so that you can review the questions and better prepare for the call. 

However, if you choose to fill out the Questionnaire beforehand, Eunica will be able to review the information prior to your call and spend that time getting an even better understanding of your situation and issues. If you would like to complete the Sleep Questionnaire beforehand, please make sure to email it through to at least 48 hours before your scheduled call. 

*It is important that you make sure to consent to email communication at checkout, without this consent we cannot send your information through to you. If you have not received this email within 2 business days, and you have checked your Junk/Spam folders, please email so we can follow it up for you. 

What if I buy this package and it turns out we have more than 1-2 issues that need addressing? 

Not to worry! Following your initial phone consult, if it looks like there are a significant number of areas that need addressing, Eunica will note that to you in a call or follow-up email. You will have an option of upgrading to a different plan BUT there will be no pressure to do so as Eunica can still work with you on the existing plan and address the most pressing concerns as instructed by you. 

IMPORTANT: Before committing to purchasing a Monarch Sleep Consultancy Package, please ensure you have read, understand and agree with the terms and conditions of this service, which you can find HERE. You will be prompted to agree to these terms of service at checkout.


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