Ultimate Wipeable Cloth Nappy | Inserts

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Grab one of these thirsty inserts and boosters for that extra absorbency! Pair with our Ultimate Nappies.

Note: Our 5-layer Inserts can be used interchangeably during the day, with or without a Nap Insert on top. 

1. 5-layer Gusseted / Non-Gusseted Hemp Insert (w/ Green Snaps)

  • The inserts are made of 5-layers of hemp/cotton. Hemp is a natural fibre that can absorb up to 20% of its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch, reducing the amount of moisture sitting against your little one's bum. 
  • 'Gussetted' refers to the elastics on each side of the Hemp insert which help it curve into a "gusset". It is an additional cost to remove the elastics, but you are welcome to do so yourself. 
  • Non-gusseted hemp inserts may have miscellaneous logos
  • Gussetted - $8.95
  • Non-Gussetted - $10.95

2. 5-layer Bamboo Insert (w/ Blue Trim)

  • For that extra bit of absorbency (eg. night-times and heavy-wetters), you can place this Bamboo Insert on top of the Hemp Insert - this will provide you with 10 layers of super thirsty fibre to absorb all the moisture.
  • Single Insert - $8.95

3. 3-layer Nap Insert (w/ White Trim)

  • This snap-in insert is perfect for that little extra absorbency.
  • These can be snapped in half or folded in thirds to allow you to customise absorbency where you need it most, whether that's at the front or the middle. 
  • Single Insert - $4.95
    • Rectangular Shape
    • Hourglass Shape

4. Ultimate Insert Set - 4 Inserts

  • Ultimate Insert Set (G) - 4 Inserts: This will come with 1x Hemp (Gussetted 5-layers), 1x Bamboo (5-layers) and 2x Nap Inserts (3-layers)
  • Ultimate Insert Set (NG) - 4 Inserts: This will come with 1x Hemp (Non-Gussetted 5-layers), 1x Bamboo (5-layers) and 2x Nap Inserts (3-layers)

These inserts may come from the Original, Art-strolo-sea, Daydream or Licensed collection nappies. Please let us know if you would prefer a specific logo (or you can easily remove the logo too). 

Tip: Refer to our Absorbency Chart to compare the absorbency of the Ultimate nappy inserts with your child's output.


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    Please note that our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by overuse and improper wash routines. Find out more here

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