THE SUPREME NIGHT NAPPY (V2 Hybrid Fitted + Insert Set)

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Tired of waking in the middle of the night to find a leaky nappy and soaked pyjamas? Can't be bothered to figure out what inserts will work best overnight? Well worry no longer because WE HAVE YOU COVERED! 

Pairing our innovative Hybrid Fitted Nappy Covers with one of our legendary Ultimate Insert Set (4 inserts featuring hemp / bamboo), we present to you - The SUPREME Night Nappy! 

Along with the 16 layers of absorbency in our Ultimate Insert Sets (Daydream Collection), you also get the 4 layers of built-in absorbency of the Hybrid Fitted cover, giving you a total of 20 layers of absorbency! You won't find another more absorbent pairing on the market!

The best thing is - if that is STILL not enough (and that doesn't usually happen), the V2 Hybrid Fitted cover is a larger fit, so you can simply add more inserts and boost to your heart's content! 

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  • 4x Super Absorbent (Ultimate Nappy) Inserts!
    • 1x 5-layer Non-Gussetted Hemp Insert
    • 1x 5-layer Non-Gussetted Bamboo Insert
    • 2x 3-layer Non-Gussetted Bamboo Inserts

Note: These inserts may come with non-Monarch logos depending on stock availability. If you need the inserts to have a certain logo, please reach out to us beforehand so we can confirm stock with you. 

  • Generous sizing:
    • The Hybrid Fitted Nappy cover comes in two generous sizes:
      • OSFM - Fits 4-17kg
      • LOSFM - Fits 10-22kg 
    • These have been created with plenty of room for boosting! Simply layer as many inserts as you like to achieve the perfect absorbency for your child, without compromising on the fit!
  • Adjustable hip and rise snaps to achieve the perfect fit every time:
    • three columns of rise snaps
  • Absorbent lining:
    • The inner is lined with four layers of soft and absorbent bamboo
    • The perfect night nappy for those super wetters!
    • The Hybrid Fitted Nappy can even be used without inserts for light wetters or toilet training toddlers to catch those small accidents
  • Super soft elastics for maximum comfort and no red marks!
  • Water resistant PUL outer layer, so no need for a separate cover!
  • Water resistant PUL tummy panel, to prevent wicking and provide maximum comfort for bub
  • Six AMAZING prints!

Size & Fit

  • OSFM (fits ~4-17kg)
  • LOSFM (fits ~10-25kg)

Not sure how to fit them? Not to worry, let us show you


  • Machine-washable, no hotter than 60 degrees Celcius (any hotter will deteriorate the waterproofing of the nappy)
  • Inserts can be dried in the dryer or line-dry under the sun. 
  • Nappy outer can be dried in the dryer but ONLY on low-heat OR we recommend line drying in the shade to preserve the useful life of the nappy shell.

We want you to love your Monarch products and get lots of use out of them, so all our products come with a 12-month warranty from date of purchase.

Please note that our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by overuse and improper wash routines. Find out more here

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